Understand and improve your standing.

Evaluate your standing in the market and conduct internal evaluations to ensure organizational competitiveness and success. Assess where your organization is positioned, uncover any issues that require attention and determine how to best align HR operations with business objectives.

EMEND offers the following services:

Audits & Assessments

By positing human resources as an essential player in achieving organizational goals, compensation audits let employees know that the organization is being proactive in making appropriate changes while also being concerned about the fairness and equality of their pay programs.

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Job Evaluation

Job analysis and evaluation initiatives improve employee line of sight by translating an organization’s strategic plan into requisite compensable factor levels required for various jobs. Job analysis and evaluation can also be used in initiatives such as salary administration, performance management, career pathing, pay equity, hiring, training, development and succession planning.

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Market Benchmarking

Market pay analysis often encourages an organization to conduct a review of compensation policies. Organization objectives, strategies, and market forces each play an important role in shaping the corporate pay posture.

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Legal Compliance

The pay equity legislation was designed to discourage systemic gender wage discrimination or any practice that may lead to wage discrimination. Pay equity review officers (if required) will investigate organization pay equity plans / processes / audits / or complaints.

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