Employee Development Plans

The practice of Coaching was traditionally reserved for employees with performance problems. Although still a potential motivation, the coaching approach has evolved into a development tool that involves working with promising individuals who have demonstrated growth potential. Leadership coaching is typically offered to people in positions of leadership who have demonstrated significant talent, are intelligent and possess valuable company insight as well as corporate knowledge (i.e.: executive and management levels).

The most effective approach is a one-to-one coaching style, where one person is the advisor and counsellor, and focuses on helping the other person learn something new. The relationship between the coach and the recipient is a delicate one and takes time to cultivate. It must be built on a solid foundation of mutual trust, respect and open communication. To maximize results, the learning relationship needs to be customized for each person, and should embrace “unbiased constructive feedback, the power of encouragement, and the creation of meaningful, concrete, results-oriented goals”.

Coaching is a great avenue to helping people make meaning out of what it is they are doing and for giving them a sense of self worth. But, for coaching to be effective, there are three fundamental requirements that must be met:

  • “A strong developmental bias”: where the goal is to help people excel in what they do
  • “Extensive personal contact”: that involves taking the time to build strong personal relationships with people. The attention provided in a one-to-one coaching practice can yield awesome strength.
  • A genuine and caring persona: which allows the recipient to know and believe that the coach truly wants to see them succeed.

People cannot be forced into performing at a certain level. They need a strong dynamic and motivation; they need the desire and the want to improve performance. Coaches can help kindle this dynamic and focus on inspiring commitment and dedication. Simply put, an effective coaching management style will help improve employee performance, thus impacting the bottom line.

Emend works with clients and their high potential staff in one of 4 ways:

  1. Guiding the recipient in working out an accurate and truthful description of a problem or developing some insight into their behaviour.
  2. Helping individuals become more sensitive to the organization’s culture.
  3. Helping staff increase their potential: reaching highly competent technical levels.
  4. Clarifying performance expectations and encouraging acceptance of more difficult tasks.
  5. Leadership Development

High-quality leaders share a common set of values and beliefs regarding employee business objectives and reinforce behaviours that generate success for the organization as a whole. Effective leaders are in a good position to give guidance and direction toward mutually desired goals, be it increased sales, customer satisfaction, or employee satisfaction. This creates optimistic attitudes and positive behaviours among the employees. Leadership Development helps organizations identify and train people who are skilled at engaging others, directing performance, and building team confidence. Employees identified as having strong leadership skills can then receive the training required to improve communication flows, build relationships, as well as develop and motivate others.

Leadership Development is a system designed to identify and cultivate talents within an organization and to provide guidance and direction for employees in achieving an organization’s visions. Leadership teams are aligned with one another, and in line with the needs of the employees. Without a Leadership Development program, organizations may seek out external means of obtaining talent. Although certainly an option, these services are typically more expensive and less successful. Furthermore, employee morale and retention can suffer should an organization obtain talents from outside instead of cultivating talent from within.

EMEND works in partnership with clients to:

  1. Systematically and effectively select talented employees who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills.
  2. Identify development needs.
  3. Create an environment that facilitates the development process.

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