Entrust Strategic HR Experts with Executive Compensation Review, Retention Strategies, Succession Management, and Performance Management

Strong executive leadership is the main artery of your company. EMEND Management Consulting knows this better than anyone and can help your organization recruit and retain top-level talent.

EMEND Management is unique in its approach to reviewing executive compensation plans and designing ones based on competitive market research. We provide sound planning utilizing performance management and pay-for-performance strategies. And unlike other consultants whose approach is strictly technical, EMEND Management Consulting prides their approach as being a balance between expertise in Strategic Human Resources and Compensation Management. This means that EMEND Management understands the need for high performing organizations to strategically align business and human assets from the top level of an organization to the bottom level.

Executive Compensation Reviews

Review and Analysis of the Current State
EMEND Management prepares a detailed report of the client’s current and past executive compensation plans.

Market Pay Assessment
EMEND Management performs a pay analysis of the client’s executive positions with those in competitive companies. This analysis takes into consideration base salary, total cash compensation, and total direct compensation.

Strategically Aligning Executive Compensation with the Business
EMEND performs a review of the goals of the business and how executive compensation is aligning with those goals. Based on this review, EMEND Management will prepare recommendations and a plan for implementation.

Compensation compliance
EMEND Management performs a compensation compliance to ensure that executive compensation levels are deemed fair and justified. This review encompasses performance management and if pay-for-performance is accomplishing goals established.

Executive Contract Review
EMEND Management assists with Senior Executive employment contracts, contract negotiations, contract reviews, severance agreements, and change-in-control arrangements.

Executive Compensation Plans

Performance-based programs
The backbone of a good Executive Compensation plan is a strategically planned pay-for-performance program. EMEND Management Consulting formulates a plan that outlines goals and expectations and specifies the type of compensation.

Incentive Plans
EMEND designs short and long-term incentive plans based on cash and equity. Incentive planning includes determining the parameters and combination of incentives as well as detailing the benefits versus the cost of the program.

Succession Planning
EMEND designs and implements a plan that anticipates a company’s need to retain and fill top-level executive positions before a catastrophic departure or job vacancy exists. This strategic plan ensures employee retention, alignment with business plans and the continued success of the organization. EMEND Management Consulting establishes the vision and the plan to mentor, coach and attract senior executive talent.

Special Situations
EMEND Management designs HR, compensation and governance strategies for special situations such as merger and acquisition, termination packages/retirement of individual executives.

Capitalize on Your People

  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Increase productivity and raise morale
  • Become a high-performance organization

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