The Board’s mandate is to govern a company. EMEND Management gives Boards the tools to do just that.

The Board has a difficult balancing act to perform – to ensure the company is fulfilling business goals and objectives for its shareholders while maintaining all legislative rules and regulations. Then there is the matter of Board Compensation, governance rules and regulations, compliance management and talent management.

With over 20 years experience in Strategic HR and Compensation, EMEND Management Consulting offers Boards all the tools they need to succeed. We have experience in governance and compliance management. Our expertise in talent management and succession planning ensures that Boards can select top-level executives and directors.

Strategy & Policy Development
EMEND Management provides strategy and policy development consulting to support business strategy, including measures, standards, and evaluation.

Compensation & HR Committees Advisor
EMEND defines the Board’s compensation philosophy and designs compensation packages incorporating cash and equity-based rewards.

Compensation & HR Review
EMEND Management conducts reviews of Board compensation to ensure market competitiveness.

Talent Management
EMEND provides the Board with competitive recruitment and retention strategies to attract and keep directors.

Governance & Compliance Management
EMEND Management works with Boards to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and best practices. This includes:

  • Assisting in director selection and recruitment
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and committee charters
  • Establishing appropriate committee policies, schedules, and agendas
  • Assisting in the Compensation Committee and CEO assessment process
  • Developing key governance policies, by-laws, and procedures

Performance-based Programs
EMEND utilizes competitive pay-for-performance in compensation packages to attract, retain and motivate top-level talent.

Director Compensation
EMEND Management works with the Compensation Committee to design a competitive compensation package that includes short and long-term incentives and pay-for-performance rewards.

Capitalize on Your People

  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Increase productivity and raise morale
  • Become a high-performance organization

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