Legal Compliance

Pay Equity and Equal Pay

EMEND Management consults in areas of pay equity and equal pay across such sectors as federal, provincial, private, public and across industries.  Pay Equity and Equal Pay are linked to several legislations in Canada:
• Labour Standards Legislation
• Human Rights Legislation
• The Pay Equity Act
• The Canadian Human Rights Act/Commission/Tribunal
EMEND integrates compliance of pay legislations into all job evaluations and total compensation work.

EMEND supports clients by informing them about:
• Current pay equity trends
• Where the organization might be vulnerable and pay equity requirements
• Financial costs to employers
• Non-compliance and its consequences
• The best practices of pay equity
• Institutional support and training
• Dispute resolutions
• Lessons from Ontario experience

EMEND assists clients in determining how best to comply with pay equity and equal pay by:
1. Determining which rules apply
2. Identifying male and female job classes
3. Selecting a gender neutral comparison system – evaluating gender predominant job classes
4. Collecting job information
5. Comparing jobs
6. Checking for permissible differences
7. Employee participation
8. Adjusting compensation – estimating and correcting wage gaps
9. Allowable Exemptions (such as: pay for performance, seniority, red-circling, skill shortages).
10. Communicating the results
11. Maintaining pay equity


  • Employer
  • Establishment
  • Number of plans
  • Communication
  • Committees
  • Female / male job classes

Gender Neutral Job Comparison Process

  • Select system
  • Factors and sub-factors
  • Tailor
  • Define levels
  • Assign weights
  • Assign point value
  • Collect job information
  • Assign values to jobs

Comparing and Adjusting Compensation

  • Compare jobs of similar value
  • Determine adjustments
  • Determine how adjustments will be made

Preparing and Maintaining Pay Equity

  • Prepare the PE plan
  • Post the PE plan
  • Maintain the PE plan



Capitalize on Your People

  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Increase productivity and raise morale
  • Become a high-performance organization

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