Organization Development Plans
“The range of failure is between 50% and 80%… Clashing corporate cultures is one of the most significant obstacles”. – Professor Robert Holthausen, Wharton University, Jan. 2005

The resolution to go forward with a structural transition is a monumental undertaking because it impacts people at all levels, in all organizations involved. Furthermore, people have good reason to fear such endeavours because deals have had a history of disappointment.

In some, cases, market conditions may leave a company with no other choice; it may that a significant transition or change in organizational structure (such as a joint venture or merger) is the only change for success and failing to do so may mean eventually being bought out. If and/or when a deal does fail, it is often as a result of people/culture issues. The reality is that when an organization acquires or merges with another, it is in actual fact, buying people. This is why a highly effective HR function is invaluable to successful organizational change.

EMEND works in partnership with clients to:

  • Manage the transition and assess risks
  • Manage the messages and communication
  • Secure the senior management team
  • Define and implement HR services
  • Develop change management or transition plan
  • Design and implement retention program
  • Align with restructuring
  • Monitor and measure progress

Capitalize on Your People

  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Increase productivity and raise morale
  • Become a high-performance organization

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